A DIY Teardrop Travel Trailer

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fabricating Doors

Although I could have purchased doors that were pre-made, I felt that it would take away from the overall look of the teardrop.  I will be fabricating doors and adding windows  that have a little screen opening.  This thread will document the creation of the doors, and the parts used along the way.

I had the door trim cut from a CNC machine out of birch.  The outside will be a thin 1/8" piece while a 1/2" piece for the inside of the trailer.  I'll add some water sealing weather stipping when the process is complete, and I'll most definitely epoxy these pieces to give them strength.

Here is the hardware the I'll use to mount the door.  These hinges are very beefy, and should work well in creating a smooth open and close motion for the doors on both sides of the teardrop.

Although I did have the inner pieces of the door cut from a CNC machine, they have been sitting for an extended time and got a bit warped.  I used one as a template, and routed replacements from 1/2" birch plywood.  The cut-outs as shown below are actually a way to reduce weight, and will be filled with insulation.  Much of the top of this piece will be cut out to house the windows.

Here is a mock -up of how the door will look form the inside of the trailer.  I'm missing a couple of pieces that got misplaced in the move, so those will get replaced.