A DIY Teardrop Travel Trailer

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rolling Worktable

The teardrop project has been on hold for a while, as I moved this past year.  I'm getting organized to continue the project.  Even though my new garage is bigger, I felt like I still needed a nice work table to get some things accomplished.  Building this rolling workspace also provided a bit of lumber storage, so it has multiple purposes.  Although this is a side-project, it was built specifically to help get the teardrop project moving along again.  

Build the framework upside down on the floor

I used a combination of pocket holes and screws from the outside to make the joints strong

2"x6" frame complete

I attached the legs with carriage bolts

2"x4" cross braces were added 

Cross beams were added for a shelf on the bottom

3' caster wheels 

Flip it back right-side up

3/4" Plywood was used for the table top, and 1x2 oak strips were added to the outside edge to protect the plywood.

Polyurethane was used on the surface

Voila!  Rolling work table with lumber storage.  Time to start bending wood again and working on the walls.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    thanks for all the information I feel like I have finally found a builder that thinks along the same lines as I do. I don't want to take away from your build time but would you be willing to answer some questions as I start my project? My email is steelheadshop@hotmail.com if you have some time that would be greatly appreciated