A DIY Teardrop Travel Trailer

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Roof Rack

Ok, it's been a cold winter.  Polar Vortex cold in Wisconsin.  Nothing done on the Teardrop lately.  In addition, I'm still recovering from back surgery, so I probably wouldn't have gotten much done anyway.  I decided to pull the trigger on the roof rack.  I've seen some pretty suite old-school racks on teardrops, and I have been thinking about what I would do for a long time.  I like the idea of being able to put extra gear up top, but I also wanted something that I could remove easily if I was traveling light.  I've been a long-time customer of Yakima roof racks way back to when I windsurfed heavily.  I've had a Yakima rack on every single one of my vehicles, including my current Toyota Highlander.  What I like about using the load warrier cargo basket, is that I can put coolers and miscellaneous gear on top and out of the way.

I can also remove the entire rack and go with a naked roof for better fuel efficiency.  I'll mount the tower brackets directly to the roof, which will keep a low profile when not in use.  This gear will rot in my basement until the teardrop is finished, but I got a big discount so I bought early.  I will probably replace the front fairing with a custom wood panel to match the tear, but that is a low priority.