A DIY Teardrop Travel Trailer

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walls and Outer Shell

Now that the raised deck is completed, I have started planning the walls and the shell of the teardrop using the materials I had cut from the CNC machine.  I will be using cedar on the inside of the teardrop, and finishing the inner walls must be completed before raising and installing the walls.  The oak on the outside of the trailer will be done after the interior is insulated and sealed. I have the next few weekends off, and will be posting pics as I complete sections.  Let's hope the weather cooperates.

I had hoped that the CNC process would create templates that matched up more precisely.   How've, there was a few spots that needed clean up h a flush trim router bit.

I also routed a channel through the middle template wall for the marker light wiring.

In picked up the cedar planks do used a planer to clean up both sidesaddle and create boards that are all exactly the same thickness.  

I'm using my harbor freight trailer as a workbench, and laid the cedar boards out and attached the inner template.

Using a flush trim plunge router, I removed all the excess wood.

I need to cut out the door, then attach the pieces to the inner template.

Before I removed the cedar planks from the template above, I marked the position of the door with a pencil.  I used a jigsaw to cut the door sections out.  Here is the top plank with the door seciton removed with about 1/8" excess, that will need to be removed with a trim router once the boards are secured.

I plan on using PL adhesive this weekend to attach the cedar to the template and then flip the entire this over to secure with wood screws.


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  2. Thanks. I'm sort of out of commission for a bit due to a pending back surgery, and colder weather, but I'll be pushing forward in the spring!

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  4. We are using cedar on the medial side the teardrop, and finishing the inner walls have to be completed before raising along with installing the walls. The oak on the outside of of the trailer are going to be done after the indoor is insulated and made. I have the up coming few weekends off, and will be posting pics as My spouse and i complete sections.

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  8. This is a pretty cool idea! Did you end up using different wood working tool to finish this project and how many days? Just curious to the amount of effort for this!

  9. Is there a finished product post for this? A friend plans to use his bosch 1617evspk for this and I think he can use all the help!