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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Miscellaneous Stuff

I know that it's a bit early to start talking about the galley, since I'm not even done with the deck yet.  However, I'm starting to pick up items that I know that I'll need before the end of the build, so that I can spread throughout the year.  I will use this thread as a showcase for the miscellaneous items I'm picked up along the build journal.

1.  YETI!  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would spent this kind of money for a cooler.  However, after doing much research, and knowing that I wanted my Teardrop to by top notch, I splurged.  I waited until the semi-annual REI Member sale so that I could get 20% off a single, regular priced item.  IT was still expensive.  I tried to put a link to the Tundra 65 cooler on the REI site, but it doesn't look like they sell them anymore.  I'm excited to try the cooler: It's bear proof, and will keep my goodies cold for extended periods of time, and is compatible with dry ice!

2.  I wanted to also be part of the cool kids lantern club, and get an official Coleman lantern.  Should be a welcome item at the campsite.  I also purchased this off REI using my yearly dividend and discount coupon.  It's a Dual-Fuel 2-Mantle lantern that runs on white gas, or gasoline.

3.  I knew that I wanted a vanity plate for my Teardrop before I even started the build.  I checked the online availability website for the one I wanted.  I didn't tell anyone what I planned on getting, as I couldn't order the plate until I had the actual trailer ready for registration.  I was patient and hoped that no one else registered for it before I had the chance.  Exciting to know that I got the one I wanted, and it arrived yesterday!  The trailer is now officially renamed the Teardrop Explorer, and my plate says EXPLORE.

4.  Want to get off the grid, but still be able to charge your USB devices?  This BioLite stove lets you burn sticks to cook your meals, but also has a charging port for your electronic devices.  Fun!

5.  Jumped on the bandwagon and got myself a skillet.  Not just any Skillet, but a pimp Wisconsin-shaped skillet for the teardrop.  Can't wait to Casserole this thing up!

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