A DIY Teardrop Travel Trailer

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tongue Box Construction

On-Going and Under Construction, Literally.

My teardrop will have an air conditioner built in.  I'm either going to install a PetCool or a ClimateRight portable A/C unit with heater.  I've decided to place my A/C unit in a custom built tongue box in the front.  I had the base and sides of this box cut on the CNC machine, and the visible edges of the box will be constructed with steam-bent wood for a truly unique enclosure.

Tongue Box Enclosure

I've taken the first piece off the mold that will go on the tongue box for a test fit.  The Red Oak kept its shape pretty well.

The bottom piece is shown here clamped to the unfinished tongue box.  Each piece is 3" wide, so it will take over 8 pieces, each needing a week to cure in the mold to finish the bottom half of the box.  The plan is to use epoxy to help set the shape of each piece with no visible screws on the outside.

Here is the box sitting on the tongue of the trailer.  Imagine the box skinned in white oak.

Back to the frame, I've painted the inside brown.

Always in the need for more clamps, here is the based layer of bent red Oak going on the box.  I'll need to do this about 10 more times and work up the sides.

The second piece was added, and I used a different width and white oak.  The rest of the boards on the tongue box will be white oak.

Here is the corner from the inside.  I wanted to see how the piece would look stained, but this will be sanded off the outside so you'll never see it.

Only a couple of more strips and the main enclosure for the tongue box will be done.  Need to start sanding.

The thickness of each wood strip is different knowing that I would sand it down.

Ants carry 10 times their weight in emotional baggage.

While waiting for the last couple of wood strips to come off the steam bending molds, I started sanding down the tongue box.  Starting to come together.