A DIY Teardrop Travel Trailer

Monday, March 4, 2013

Custom Trailer: Update 5/13

I was lucky enough to come across another teardrop builder on the TNTTT.com forum who was willing to share his design drawings.  The copyright and ownsershipof these drawings remain with Dave McCamant.  The main differences in my trailer from the original, is mine is 2" wider.  I have also added a 2" receiver to the back of the trailer, along with a couple of 1.25" side receivers for tables or awning poles.

Trailer was ordered in mid-February of 2013, and was ready for pick up on 5/13.  Over a month overdue, but it's in my garage ready to go.

Flexiride Torsion Axle with brakes

58" across, just like the plans asked for.

Angle mounted trailer stabilizers on the back corners

Receiver on the back, for bike rack.

Deck mounting tabs

I plan on adding a PetCool air conditioner/heater to my teardrop.  I have chosen to create a design that will incorporate a raised deck with all electrical and air return within this raised deck.

Sketchup Drawing of the partial deck with raised sections, and additional lowered storage compartment.


  1. Where did you purchase this trailer frame from?

  2. It was custom built trailer by Pfeiffer Trailer Sales out of Salem, Wisconsin.